Reviewed Works

Davies' Article: Educational Technology: Archetypes, Paradigms and Models

Doolittle Article: Constructivism and online education

Pratt: Indicators of Commitment

Position Analysis: “A Critical Discourse in Multimedia Design: 
A Pedagogical Perspective to Creating Engaging Online Courseware” by Kumar

Multimedia Examples

Gardner's MI Theory

Elizabeth Murphy: Interactive Multimedia Learning Environments

Herrington & Standen: Moving from an instructivist to a constructivist multimedia learning environment

Bob Bailey: Multimedia and Learning

Kenny, McMullen, Melia & Pahl: Interactive Multimedia-Enabled Learning and Training

J. McKenzie: Making Good Change Happen

Reinventing Schools...The Technology is Now

Pea & Cuban Debate

Woodbridge: Digital Kaleidoscope: Learning with Multimedia

Ivers and Barron: Multimedia Projects in Education: Designing, Producing, and Assessing

JumpStart Read  & Rhyme CD-ROM

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