All About Me


All About Me is a thematic approach to achieving Language Arts outcomes from the Newfoundland and Labrador Curriculum Guide.  This web based unit is designed for teachers as a resource to provide everything needed to implement in the classroom.  This unit was developed for grades 5 and 6, though it can be modified to suit any grade level.  Four graduate students (Carla, Colleen, Brody, and Carrie) have created this unit as a multimedia project as a requirement for the UCB 535 course.  We have considered a constructivist approach to the end task, as well as appealing to various learning styles of the Multiple Intelligences theory throughout the unit.  The unit will involve several tasks that will be listed in our lesson, though the multimedia aspect of the unit will be more elaborate.  The main task of this unit is that students will create autobiographies in Photo Story for Windows.  This will be a finished product to be presented to the class and invited family at the end of the unit.  The process leading up to this will involve such tasks as interviewing parents, collecting information and photos, scanning images, downloading photos from a digital camera, recording audio, and adding special features of their choice.  This project will allow students to explore and discuss their thoughts, ideas and experiences.   Refer to the 'References' page for a suggested list of Materials required to successfully complete this unit.

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