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Bonne Bay Academy, Woody Point Newfoundland

School History of Bonne Bay Academy -


    Bonne Bay Academy was once known as two separate schools. Bonne Bay Central High (built in approx. 1962 by a Local Resident Sam Hatcher) & Bonne Bay Elementary (built in approx. 1986). In September of 1993, both schools came together to from Bonne Bay Academy.


    Before Bonne Bay Elementary was built, there where four other elementary schools where the students of Bonne Bay South received their education. They where located in the communities of Curzon Village, Woody Point, Shoal Brook & Glenburnie. In 1986 the four schools were closed down & all students then attended Bonne Bay Elementary (which is currently the Grade 7-12 section of Bonne Bay Academy).

Listed below are write-ups on events that have happen in the past of Bonne Bay Academy:


Reach For The Top

-Bonne Bay Academy (then Bonne Bay Central High) participation in the CBC Quiz TV Show.
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